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Male/Female Nursing Staff

We also provide reliable and well experienced Nursing staff both male and female catering a wide variety of needs of our clients. Our nurses excel in attending our clients with their good patient care and hospitality services. Our nurses are provided time to time training on quality health care and nursing acts. Our nurses offer quality healthcare services to clients at home. They excellently take care of the patients with optimum love and care just like a family member.

Male Attendent

Care Health Nursing Services, is providing well experienced male attendants to our clients. Our attendants are skilled and well trained to attend our clients on timely basis. We offer reliable and trustworthy staff and offer complete guarantee of your security. Our Male attendants are having experience to work in Private Duties, At Home, Hospitals and other medical need.

Our trained attendants can:
  • Administer oral medication
  • Assist in ambulation(moving the patient around)
  • Manage feeding tubes
  • Manage cleaning, grooming, bathing and feeding of the patient.
  • Manage patients for 12 & 24 hours
  • Monitor vitals of the patient(Blood pressure,urine,sugar,bed sols etc

Female Attendent/Nursing Attendents

Nursing attendants are used for Performing Day to Day Tasks to support the Medical team in Properly Caring for the Disabled/Ill/Elderly citizen.

With Un-Matched Skill & Compassion, Care health trained nursing attendant's Play a Vital role in Patient Care.

Care Health Trained Nursing Duties are Typically Involve a Great deal of Hands on Contact. They are mostly responsible for Helping Patients with Basic Functions Such as wound dressing, bathing, feeding, exercises, and companionship.

Our Trained nursing attendants will Also Help Patients In & Out Of Bed, Take Them For walks, Help Them into Their wheelchairs, Helping Them with Their Hygiene Needs & Exercises.

Our Trained Nursing attendants will also help in Recording & Monitoring Vital signs & Ensuring NUTRITION & Hydration.

Also Reporting Changes in the Patient's Physical & Mental Conditions to The Family Members or Medical team.

Our Professional Trained Nursing attendants have hands on work experience in wide array of care setups including nursing homes, Hospitals, Adult care Centers or assisted Living Facilities Apart From their Homes.

Elder/Old and Senior Citizens Caretaker Services

Based in Delhi, we are a credible Senior Citizens Caretaker Services Provider. We are backed with a team of experienced professionals who are engaged in taking proper care of senior citizens. Our staff is widely appreciated for their dedication and kind behavior. All our caregivers are thoroughly screened, well trained, insured and bonded, professional and reliable. We make available our staff as per the request placed right at the client's place. We demonstrate commitment to quality home care through our well-planned program.

Baby Care/New Born Care

Care Health Nursing provides services to a new born baby who needs a complete care for few months from a very first minute of its life.

For first few months a new born baby needs a full attention and a good care, Care health focuses on providing services to those new born with low birth weight, premature birth, congenital illness and other health illness by our well trained nurses who are qualified in pediatrics and our nurse will look after your baby in every ways with love and care. We provides best neonatal care for babies.

It will be a great feel which can't be explained is to be a mother. Care Health Nursing have committed employees and well trained one with them to provide prenatal and postnatal nursing service for a new mother who needs a care for first few days about their food, medications who need a support to handle a baby for few days. Also we provide pediatrics nurses and assistant nurses for baby care premature baby care and under-fives.

Home Patient Care

Being a competent company, Care health Nursing Services engaged in providing qualified Patient Care Takers to clients. We ensure that the Patient Care Taker we place with clients have expertise in the domain & can efficiently take care of the patients. Being a sensitive job profile, we make certain that the Patient Care Takers selected by us are qualified and properly trained in all the aspects of day to day patient care.We are "Simply the Best"! Expert care provider for home Nursing. Available Male / Female care takers for old age and disable people for full time service. They are neat, clean & hygienic. They are committed for the given day & night task with theirs immense devotion.

Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy is a perfect solution to those problems that do not have any medical treatment. Based in Delhi, we are acknowledged for providing trustworthy and excellent Physiotherapy Services to the clients. Our expert Physiotherapists treats people having physical problems that are generally caused due to accident, ageing or illness. They assess and design treatment plans for the patients having pulmonary disabilities with compassion and care. Besides being a sure shot solution to your problems, our services are reasonably charged